You have to think how to make the best possible space available and arrange everything in an orderly and easy to find. Started! scale is very cumbersome and each of us has at least one, you have to position it so that it is always at hand, therefore, we will use the drill to hang two hooks append hermitage robust and scale the wall horizontally or vertically. Bicycles are always in the way and obstruct the passage: Using the drill, make a hole in the wall, install a hook an arm about 30 cm and the terminal U. The hook should be placed near the ceiling and the bike will be on display for the wheel.

On the ceiling by hooks or modules pulley, we can hang bulky objects that are used a few times a year such as canoes, rafts, ski, toboggan and surf boards. Behind a wall to place a work table with drawers preferably steel (unlike other materials, the steel is not affected by humidity, is durable and is easy to clean). Above the floor, leaning against the wall, place a wire rack to accommodate all the working tools such as drill, hacksaw, screwdrivers, scissors, tweezers, brushes, roller, the spanners and Allen, and so. In the drawers of the table storing small items such as nails, screws, glue, insulating tapes, hooks, rope, sponges and shampoo to wash your car and everything you can serve for the do it yourself. On each plate place a tray on which to write the content. if you want more information you can visit auto glass repair service.


To take advantage of every inch available, we can put the shelves round to be placed on the corner of two walls. The maximum projection shall be 30 inches to not clutter too and we can arrange on the entire height of the wall making sure to leave a space of about 25 to 30 inches between the shelf and the other.