Do you want to make a game for your children directly with your hands and using some items from recycling? If desired, the following instructions are the steps to create a cute kitchen simply turning a small cabinet old. Read the steps to know how to go about achieving it.

You need:

* Old bedside table
* Photograph of the kitchen
* Photography of the dishes in the oven

For the realization of the kitchen to make your children play, this is what is needed. The first thing we need is an old bedside table with one leaf. Although the table is composed of door and drawer might be fine. If it is a wooden table, before proceeding to clean the surface well the bedside table with sand paper, sprinkle the surface and proceed by giving a coat of paint with a very cheerful color. Alternatively, you can paint the table with the white paint and then use the decoration. Once you have repainted the entire outer surface of the table, there remains that transform into the kitchen in this very simple way. Get yourself a nice picture of a chicken in the oven.


You can choose a real photo, or you can opt for a design such as a logo or a colorful picture or, if you prefer, you can choose to make yourself a picture of a beautiful dish in the oven . The size of the photo should be consistent with the size of the leaf, which will serve as the oven door. Once you have made ​​the picture of the dish in the oven, take the spray glue (extremely convenient to do these jobs) and sprinkle on the back of the photo and paste it on the wing of the bedside table. Without this get yourself another shot.

This time will be the stove. Look at the picture shown for an example. Alternatively, you can choose to draw the kitchen with your hands, or you can even use a logo representing the stove. The size of the photo should be exactly as the base of the table. To apply you must proceed in exactly the same way as the representative of the oven photos: Take pictures of the stove, voltage and on the back, spray the glue on all points, so on the surface of the table and there you have a very nice kitchen to bring new play and entertain your children.