You have chosen for your home a floor ceramic? Well, if your answer is yes, you certainly made ​​a good choice, because the tiles and, more generally, the ceramics are among the most commonly used materials with regard to paving, considering the aspect that give the place and especially since despite the tiles we have a relatively thin thickness , prove to be very hard and durable. However, they also require special care, starting from cleaning, to prevent various reasons, end up damaging such tiles, ruining irretrievably your work. In this guide, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to deal with the ceramic, providing also all the necessary information and a few helpful suggestions on how to do this important work in the manner most simple and quick as possible. So let’s see how to proceed.

the ceramic

The ceramic is one of those materials which requires adequate measures both in the cleaning and in the protection, and especially mercurial of those with a bit ‘of inattention, it slips from the hands of an object of weight such as to damage the tile. The floor is a coating for excellence of housing, in fact measurably influence the appearance of the environment, the color and the size of the brick.

The care and cleaning of ceramics is undoubtedly a ritual for those who want to preserve over time the beauty of your floor. First, sprinkle on a daily basis with a woolen cloth and absorb dust (component corrosion), it is important for hygiene and aesthetics. The kitchen is a place where concentrated fumes and odors and in time on the tile, you can see a layer of fat that you are going to remove with a small brush and a degreaser; for the floor instead, add in a liter of water half cup of vinegar, then rinsed with more water.

For the other rooms of the house, being less dirty, every two or three days, wash the floor with water and ammonia, from disinfectant and degreaser. Before you buy and renovate the flooring, it is important to read up further recognize what we are buying and with less difficulty going to protect it. By following these helpful and easy steps, you will succeed in no time to deal in the best way your ceramics, making it shine as before. Good work!