Do you have a square door that is ugly to look at but too expensive to be done to fix? Now I will show you how you can turn the door into a decorative arch between two rooms that do not need to be separated by a door. Above is a job that does not require much time and is inexpensive, but need a bit ‘of dexterity and knowledge in the field of DIY.

It begins with measuring, after removing the exhibitions, the inside width of the original door, in order to achieve the shape that is used to prepare the arc chipboard thickness of 0.19 cm. Take a wooden slat, tabulate with the screwdriver on one side and infiltrate inside a pencil. With this splint that will serve as a compass, draw a semicircle on particle board.


Cut out the arch that we have drawn from wood with a jigsaw. Apertures to about 5 cm from the edge of the panel and other openings to the distance of 20 cm. You will need to enter the terminals. The outer shell of the old frame must be removed from both sides. In this way you will get a graft arc perfectly flush with the wall.

Take four strips of MASONITE as wider as the frame of the door and about 30 cm long more than necessary (which will have converted from an entire panel or let them prepare by the seller of the extent necessary). Spread of glue and applies them perfectly superimposed on the outline of chipboard and lock it with the clamps. The first practiced should be placed in the opening at the top, before you remove them you have to wait about 15 hours.

Cut the MASONITE with precision vertical and lateral points of support on the template. It is important that the strips are still attached to the gauge while you do the cutting. The arc of MASONITE must be attached to the old frame with glue and a few screws in the various points of contact. In the second stage will cover the holes with putty. To obtain a greater adherence should sand the paint of the original chassis.

The gaps between the frame and the arc will be filling them to be able to paint over. Use the Styrofoam and cut to measure due to the shape that you have used for the bow and glue the pieces between the new and old frame. Even the tight space and gap between the frame and the wall must be filled with polystyrene foam.