Turning a garage into a room could prove extremely useful to obtain new spaces in our homes that are less and less. The high cost of living, the first brick, the crisis we have been facing for some time, have meant that the size of our homes was reduced at the expense of comfort. Furthermore, for economic factors, many families, especially in large cities, provided by public transport, they decided to give up the car, then the garage just waiting to be reused with dignity.

Preliminarily, the transformation requires a great cleaning. The garage must be completely free from all the old stuff that no longer serves us and must be cleaned thoroughly, in every corner because the fumes coming out of the car have made ​​it very dirty. After that, you have to decide whether to paint the walls and the ceiling, perhaps using bright colors or decorated with stencil technique or fumigator, or opt for the installation of plasterboard walls that will be superimposed on the existing walls. The choice will depend very much on the state of wear and dirt on the walls.


If the walls and ceiling are irreparably damaged or dirty then it will be preferable to use plasterboard otherwise it will be enough to freshen up the color to renew the environment. deserves a special mention at the floor. If rustic and unfinished, as in most of the garage , they will drop your tile or marble, depending on your taste. If you simply wanted to renew it, you could opt for the laying of parquet that would make the atmosphere of the room feel warm and cozy.

It should then connect the radiators and check the electrical system, installing, if necessary light points with spotlights or lamps. If you have windows, you need to adjust the curtains that will repair from prying eyes and the sun, but will also act as decoration and ornament for our beautiful new room. Finally, once you have finished all the structural work, we must decide how we want to use the room so as to choose the suitable furniture Many are turning towards the kitchen, or rumpus room service, outdoor and comfortable than the rest of home, while others such as the bedroom , more private and independent, or to use as a guest room.