Your desk is perpetually disheveled and looking for a practical and useful system to keep everything in place? A solution to your problem may be to build a small office with empty cans. A nice place to recycle and get a valuable tool and economic. We see the project.

Get the empty cans. You can choose between those of tomatoes, the canned fruit or vegetables. The important thing is that they have the upper edge sharp. Wash them thoroughly and remove the labels pasted on the outside. Dry them and then proceed to their decoration. A fast and practical solution may be to paint them with a spray paint . Then let them dry for at least one hour, and if you feel it necessary, spray a second coat. Keep the spray at a distance of about 20 cm., In a vertical manner, and proceed from right to left descending from top to bottom .


If you notice drips of paint, sand lightly with sandpaper to body and passes another hand. Now you can choose to embellish them by coating them with the decorated paper, decorating them with decoupage technique, or by painting with polka dots or lines. Are fun and beautiful to look at, as well as useful. The important thing is that they are not all the same. Are really having an effect if the realize individually. To clothe a choose a card you like, cut a piece to size and scatter the back and the surface of the can, with the glue. Paste the paper gently rubbing with a damp sponge from the center outward to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Let dry and then spends two or three coats of protective varnish transparent.

If you want to use decoupage, once dried the paint to the bottom, paste those who prefer the can, with the glue. Spread the glue on the surface with movements ranging from the center outwards insisting especially on the edges of the images. If you want to create the lines applied to the base paint, strips of masking tape at regular distances from each other. You can choose, for example, to realize a can with lines vertical and one with rows horizontal. After positioning the tape from one or more coats of paint in a different tone or contrasting and, when dry, off the tape. At this point you just have to decide how to assemble the various containers. You can choose to put one in the center and others around, or stacked in a pyramid, putting them horizontally. Glue them together with the hot glue and fill them with pens, markers and all office equipment. Made with very bright colors and fun characters will be ideal for the desk of children.