Having a clogged toilet inside the house can generate quite a few difficulties . In this situation you can call an early plumber to solve the problem in a few seconds, or you can try to do it yourself through some DIY method . Let’s see how you can unclog the cup of the toilet.

Opt for a daily fix, it is definitely the most economical choice that you can make. There are many remedies that you can put into practice to free a clogged toilet. The fact that the bowl of the toilet is obstructed means that inside of the pipeline is created a sort of cap. When the siphons have an S-shape or P is much more common for this to happen.

A first method is to use the wire. Grabbing a piece long enough, you can get them into the pipe from the exhaust. In this way it is able to push away the obstruction or to carry outside. Even boiling water proves to be a good ally to remove the cap that clogs the toilet. In this case you have to remove the water present in the discharge and then you must pay the boiling water. This will degrade the cap.


If you have an old towel, we can roll around our hand and with the quick gestures and decided we can fit it into the drain as if it were a sucker. The movements must be made ​​in series repeatedly. If you do not want to use their hands just pick up a broom handle or a piece of wood.

If you often get clogged the toilet bowl, the best thing is to get a sucker or a plumber’s flexible spring. This will allow us to solve the problem much quicker than the methods considered so far. These tools are very useful to free the pipe in the shortest possible time.

The last solution we consider, involves the use of chemical products specially created for unclogging the toilet. This choice, certainly is not the most optimal, even if the market proposes really in large quantities. These products contain chemicals that can be harmful to health and the environment that surrounds us. Opt for the solutions we have considered before, will help us to unclog the toilet bowl in a practical, simple and cost effective without being forced to resort to professionals.