If you are tired appearance of your kitchen but do not want to take drastic measures, you can orient yourself to the ceramic tiles to cover all the walls, or to create accents of style and color, or to renew the horizontal planes . Ceramic tiles are an excellent material because they have very different shapes and colors and which are modular and can be combined. They are easy to install as they are glued directly on the wall or on the floor to be renovated and are easy to clean because they have a surface on which dirt can not do jack, then make the kitchen a place more beautiful, “your” and easier to keep clean.

The classic strategic points to be covered by the tiles are: the wall behind the sink, the wall behind the stove, the walls (one or more) of the kitchen, which can be covered only up to the back of the chairs if you want to play the entire wall, the baseboard, the horizontal strip at the back of the chairs. Finally, special ceramics very fine and artistic, you can choose an isolated location where the focus is all on the tiles. Let’s see how to do it in practice.


Look at your kitchen and you think I looked like that. I would like to remind me of the atmosphere of that place. From there look for inspiration, take some advice possible styles and combinations, browse catalogs with ideas of furniture. Surf the web to find the perfect inspiration, browse magazines furnishings and design manuals, or copy a good idea to view a movie. When you have a couple of ideas that seem good, you can begin to put his hand to the wall.

Draw with a pencil the outline of the area you want to cover and calculate the area. For complex shapes, divide it into simple shapes, calculated the area of each simple form and subsequently summed.

Look for a dealer of ceramic tiles and choose live, begin to prefigures if the colors match well with the rest of the furniture. If the kitchen is in view (if at least the part you want to decorate with the ceramic is exposed), try to create a harmonious with the atmosphere of the room connected to the kitchen or alternatively pull in the right way, so that the combination is jarring and unpleasant.

The tiles on display in the showroom are arranged by hue, and seem always in accordance with the environment: take pictures concern to at home, with the kitchen in front of, or seek advice from sales assistants. If you are lucky, with a basic program will be able to give you an idea of ​​rendering solutions in & out for your kitchen. Your initial idea could also be distorted for the better.

Choose the shape and the size of the tiles: this step is perhaps even more important than the choice of color. There are big tiles that resemble certain spaces or loft tiles as those of the bottom of the old swimming pools, white and light blue, which are a marine and vintage effect. You can opt for a rectangle or a square or combinations of shapes, or use the strips of mosaic ready. Always keep in mind where posarete tiles.

Choose the amount of tiles to buy in relation to the area, with help from an employee of the store. Depending on the tiles that choose and the part to be coated may be required quantities of tiles for a top surface as much as 15%, to predict breakage and any tiles that are to be cut, then used only in part.

The kitchen is a particular environment and the work should be entrusted to a capable person, he realizes that the materials and techniques used to make the decoration work of art. If you are a practice of the profession, or just confident or do not want to miss the fun, do it yourself. Make sure you have all the tools before you start, and if you need something special you can rent. Pay attention to the joints, so that they are all the same, to pose in an orthogonal, or according to the plan, and choose the right color for filling.