In times of crisis like these, you know, it’s good to economize on everything and in all settings, even when you are in the kitchen intent to prepare delicious lunches or food for any meal. In particular, when using the kitchen, it is possible to avoid waste as regards the consumption of gas and electricity . Saving energy in the kitchen , in fact, is very simple: just follow a few little tips and tricks that do not detract from the culinary result , but not allow you to transform your bills on real and its accounts payable savory end of the month . Here then are some tips on how to use a kitchen while saving energy, particularly gas and electricity.


To save gas or electricity when cooking sometimes takes only small devices. One of the most common tasks when cooking, for example, is to boil the water, for example, if you have to heat food or cook the pasta. In this case, there are ways to reduce the boiling time.For this, just use the cover (in this way, in fact, the water will go into boiling in less time) or maybe in the winter, it can reduce the time for leaving some time the pot with the water near a stove or a radiator lit. In this way the water will already be heated and will need to stay a little less time on the stove. When you throw the dough, then, do so as soon as the water boils, and if your diners are late, then best to turn off the stove.

There are also methods of cooking which are more economical than others. This is the case of the steam cooking that allows to simultaneously cook more dishes, allowing, in this way, to save as regards gas and electricity. With steaming, also, the flame is always kept low and at certain times it can also be turned off, saving energy that does not come at the expense of cooking and flavor of foods.

Even appliances that are used, and their proper use, saves energy. If you want to save money, in fact, just reduce to a minimum the use of the oven, or maybe use it at certain times of the day. Affect on the bill, however, there are not only large appliances, but also those of common use as a blender, or other electric grater. Even in this case, better to minimize their use and what you can do in a manual way.