Make a wide use of candles, able to decorate the room with their varied colors and shapes. You can then transform into beautiful lanterns for a dinner. Arrange them individually or in groups in different areas of the room. System a series of candlesticks in various heights on a low table, maybe glass in front of the living room couch, but very retro look for today. Use of the neon: are versatile, economical and easily adapt to any type of decor. Choose low-heat LED lights that use a minimum energy than traditional lights. Arrange them creating original frames behind furniture, on a shelf or under an open staircase.

Take advantage of the back-lighting to enhance a beautiful picture. The light, together with the canvas, become the focal point of the room. The most suitable are the spotlights modern, continuously adjustable and easily adaptable to the environment. Always uses pieces of light and that they can move, so as to create a sort of dance of lights and changing the atmosphere. For the materials, favors the classic brass, or the innovative optical fiber. The form must be harmonic and have a rotating platform rather light, maybe implemented with crystal sculpture or copper.


If you have a lot of space available, combining the light water games, such as lamps placed in tabletop fountains from wall, characterized by a dynamic and elegant style Since some of these systems are quite expensive, unless you have a very high budget, try to see if you can find some interesting bits in the crafts markets : here are often very interesting insights, for example lampshade covered with pearls, bright lanterns made ​​of textured plastic or plexiglass, floor lamps made ​​of paper rice and all that will suggest your personal taste .Always use your imagination and experiment various solutions to see which ones are best suited to your home and create the most suggestive atmospheres.