Fabrics and finishes add color to the rooms of our house and make the furnishings and surfaces warmer and comfortable. Let’s see how to use fabrics in decor by choosing the most suitable types and combining patterns so elegant and refined according to the contemporaneous design .

use fabrics

Colorful fabrics on sale

The fabrics are one of the basic materials used in furniture, both as decoration and as a major component of sofas and armchairs. Change linings within a room is a simple and inexpensive way to revise and update the look fashionably. Among the various types of tissue that we find on the market we have to distinguish between various types , not only based on the color, but also the type of fiber and the heaviness of the material. The cotton and flax are among the most used natural fibers, depending on the process are more or less light and are used for a wide range of products, from the curtains to the laundry, but also for tablecloths and linings. Silky, smooth and light, is used for placemats, pillows and sheets precious, smooth or velvet. For the sofas are used heavy fabrics such as canvas or Most like cotton velvet, jacquard or damask, with typical floral decorations. Among the fabrics have special technical, stain-resistant and waterproof, and the ecological, biological fiber and not chemically treated.

When we use the fantasies of the reasons we choose that recall the colors that we used in the room. We combine together two very different motives on furniture , playing on the contrast, let us not associate two fantasies like not to have a chaotic effect. One reason just mentioned or geometry important and vibrant can completely renovate an armchair or a sofa: we try to use fabrics with two different patterns to cover a chair making different seat and back. A fabric with special ornaments can also be used as wallpaper, maybe on a single wall, instead of wallpaper.

The tents are a great gimmick for privacy not only outside but also between the spaces of the house, with a large drape fact we can divide the room in two different environments. Also on the veranda or in the gazebo of large lightweight tents they are useful for shelter from the sun and prying eyes.