The salt has always been one of the substances most useful to man. Besides giving flavor to food had many uses in ancient times, including to allow the preservation of food, especially on long trips of ships laden with goods, but also in the pantry of the houses in an era when there were no refrigerators. To understand the importance that had the ancient salt just think that in Ancient Rome the soldiers were paid just with this substance, hence the word salary. Among the many ways to use the rooms that are slowly losing there is a huge number regarding cleaning the house, this guide will illustrate the most interesting and useful among them.

The salt is very useful for the cleaning of metals. To clean and restore shine to metals more resistant, such as the steel, you can use a mixture of salt and lemon juice applied with a rag. After carefully rubbed the object with the mixture let go a couple of minutes, then acquisition with a wet rag, this time with water and then we dry thoroughly. As for gold, silver, bronze and copper we can apply the same procedure as steel, but this time with a different blend and certainly more interesting: we use a mixture of equal parts of salt, vinegar and flour.For more information you could choose call our team today.


The salt can be used for the cleaning of garments and other fabrics soiled with mildew or rust. Once the cloth is washed normally hold out in the sun to dry and remove with a brush, as far as possible, the stain. therefore apply at the point of the head spotted a mixture of salt and lemon juice or salt, water and vinegar, it is left to dry in the sun. When dry, the fabric is rinsed and dried again and now the stain should be gone.