The use and the optimal transition stucco, allows you to fill the spaces between tiles improving the hardness in the course of time. As we will see in the choice of material , there are many factors to take into consideration. Below, I will give a number of useful tips on how to guide you in choosing the right product and how to effectively use the grout for tile.

Keep in mind first of all that you need to use a quality product can stand the test of time and allow the success of a professional result. For the latter reason (despite the market are present stucco of various colors, including beige and white), it is advisable to opt for the latter (especially if you prefer to get a result not shown).


In the market there are variations in paste, powder, cement and waterproof. The latter is more suitable for use in wet environments (such as the bathroom, as it is able to prevent the formation of scale and / or fungi). Same goes for the stucco powder, most highly recommended if you want to use only a small part of the grout and keep the rest.

In all cases the stucco (whatever the environment), will have to be passed on the tiles by means of a simple spatula (available in a hardware), depositing a minimum quantity of product and by performing a diagonal movement, from the bottom upwards and alternating circular movements. The operation must be carried out trying to fill the joints between the best one tile and the other.

After grouting, it is advisable to leave the grout to dry properly (at least 45 minutes). Next, you need to go to the joints a product that can make the grout greater hardness and impermeability. These protection products, are generally made ​​from aqueous solutions and fixer, easily available in a common center.

Even the excess grout on the tiles, can be removed through products specifically created (and suitable for the type of tile ). It is best to buy a product and do not underestimate the proper cleaning procedure following the detachment, (use this if wrong, could seriously compromise the operation just completed). It is strictly recommended therefore, the use of acids or other chemicals generic.