The microwave ovens are very popular both for their practical use for the speed with which you can cook the food . Often microwave ovens are only used as a means to heat or defrost foods drinks and ready meals. This is completely wrong as cooking with the microwave oven is important for the conservation of the nourishment of food, either because they are unable to make them more tasty from the point of view of the aroma. Nevertheless, many people still look with skepticism this type of cooking and some even consider them unsafe. This is actually a big mistake , and we in this guide can prove exactly the opposite also giving great advice on how to use the microwave to the fullest.


Cooking in a microwave oven is influenced by various characteristics of the food, as it is important to setting the initial temperature , the calculation of the cooking time bearing in mind also that the foods are cooked slowly more compact than those who are less.

Also the humidity factor affects the microwave cooking, in fact, the greater is the water contained in a food and the faster cooking. However, if the food is such a stew of meat (chopped thick and dry inside), the cooking times are extended. Taking into account that the micro particles are able to penetrate into the food to a depth of 4/5 cm and a width of 7/8 centimeters, must then be carefully arrange them with the correct size within the vessel to get a good result. To best use the microwave , so you must learn to know that over time and cooking mode , also have containers suitable. The choice of these is crucial as they are specific to each different food to be cooked, in fact, the best ones are made ​​of glass, earthenware, porcelain, or a maximum of rigid plastic complete with a certificate of fitness for cooking and storage of food .

If you choose to cook food in the microwave using one of these containers, you should also know that they sell as a cover of the special films that are to be applied on the open side and with small holes to prevent swelling. The rest you will learn with practice and perhaps using the instruction manual attached to the microwave, or by purchasing one of the many books and cookbooks that explain in detail how to cook foods and sweets.