On all items we buy, it has a small label that indicates when the dress can be machine washed, and when you have to wash by hand to avoid damaging the delicate tissue or even to avoid damaging some applications located on head as decoration. Learn how to wash clothes by hand is definitely not a complicated task, indeed, but, just follow this guide, which with a few simple steps, I will show you all the steps to be taken to wash your hand, providing further worthwhile tips to use. Let’s start how to wash clothes by hand!

how to wash clothes by hand

The first step for washing clothes by hand, is to select the pigs to wash, hoping colored garments from whites. Next, wash the clothes leaving them to soak in water, then decide to use the container to hold water and the leaders have to wash. Pour the cold water into the container, but not lukewarm please, otherwise restringerete clothing or whatever you are washing. Now add the soap with water, then put your head inside the container and make sure they are completely immersed. Then wait twenty minutes before removing, to make sure that you wash and to clean for good.

After the time required, you pick up your clothing, you do drain the water and rinse several times to remove all the excess soap. In this different method , you will always see like washing clothes by hand, but faster. To do this, you will need a bar of soap to rub it over the cloth in question. As in the previous mode, fill a container of water, always cold, and instead of pouring the liquid soap or powder , dip the head in water and rub the soap on, in dirty areas. Repeat this step several times, until you are sure that the stain or dirty area, it is not cleaned properly.

Also in this case, you need to rinse out the cloth with clean water, until all the soap has not been deleted, sopo to wring well. The above methods are the most effective and not only that, also the most comfortable and used to wash clothes by hand, a task that certainly takes less time to wash in a washing machine . By following these helpful and easy steps, you will succeed in no time, and above all with little trouble to wash your clothes by hand. Good work!