When performing washing using the washing machine, happen to have some nasty surprises, such as clothes wrinkled or stained by some head darker, and more. In this guide we will see how to wash clothes in the washing machine. It is good to save some money, use it at night, early in the morning or in the weekend, because the cost of electricity is lower. Do not ever overfill the basket of clothes, because it certainly would be washed bad, and we should start over. Learn to read labels and instructions of washing on each head, contain very useful information!


In the market, there are two types of washing machine, top loading and front loading, the choice of either depends on our habits and space that we have at home. On the front is a small drawer, consisting of three trays, to be paid in the first detergent, fabric softener in the middle, and in the third the rewash detergent, to our side of the drawer are two knobs, one indicates the wash programs with its temperature, and the other the spin speed. Before we start, we have to get the detergent in both powder and liquid fabric softener, for a pre-treating stains, an anti limestone liquid or powder, that is added to each wash, trapping spots to be included in a basket, for coloreds, so we will not stain the tissues, because of the dispersion of color during washing. You should always pre-wash of the garments.

HEADS WHITE (Cotton): treat the stains with the appropriate product, and store them in the basket, add the detergent and anti limestone powder and fabric softener in the drawer. We set the wash program to 40 or up to 60 degrees for very dirty clothes.

HEADS COLOUR / MIXED (Cotton): The procedure is identical to that of the whites, we set the wash program to 30 or up to 40 degrees, add in the drum catches the color. LEADERS IN WOOL / DELICATE: and store them in the basket, add the liquid detergent and fabric softener, select the hand wash, the display of the washing machine, (marked by a pan with one hand).

LEADERS IN NEED DRY CLEANING: In this case we do not have to wash them in the washing machine, must be brought in the laundry room. A finished washing does not let the clothes in the washing machine for a long time did not find them too wrinkled, it is advisable not to exceed a temperature of 60 degrees, so we will not spoil the heads!