A glass wall or ceiling, the curtains are suitable for any environment and with all types of windows. Most of the tents and marquees we have at home can be safely washed in the washing machine, thus saving a lot of time and money. Let’s see how to wash the curtains at home with results from laundry.

From simple thesis towels in soft drapes, curtains are presented in many garments, but an element they have in common is that they are a welcome refuge from the dust especially if positioned, as often happens, on or near heaters. In the winter, then black with more ease. If there is someone at home who smokes or has a fireplace, then you have to deal with the bad odor and yellow color they hire. Normally, the curtains should be washed 2-3 times a year, a little more often than those in the kitchen soaking of culinary scents such as frying and those of the bathroom.


The desire of every housewife is to find himself hanging in the rooms cool fabrics, toned and clean. All this is possible with some changes. If you have a vacuum cleaner with the nozzle for fabrics, curtains can pass it on to vacuum the dust and keep them clean longer and avoid damaging them with washing too close together. Obviously, this work does not bring advantages over curtains smelling of cigarette or vapor fat cuisine.

If you decide to wash the curtains in the washing machine you must read the label sewn on one side of the fabric. If there is printed on the label a container with a central number, it means that the fabric can be treated with water at the temperature indicated in the drawing, if there is a design on the same X means that the fabric cannot be washed and this point you’re forced to turn to a specialist laundry for dry cleaning.