Wash the floor of their home is a fundamental operation for cleaning and proper hygiene of the places in which we live. This activity is to be repeated dozens of times a month, because the floor needs a cleaning continues, gets dirty at best in a few days, and in the worst case you have to wash in a small home accident . Then we discover how to wash our floors in the best , so use the advice on all occasions where there will be to clean up the house for good .

the floor

First you need to plan the work. To wash the most of our floor, we will have to have as much free surface on the ground: there will then need to move chairs, sofas and lightweight furniture, in order to have free field to move around on the floor to be washed. It is also advisable to dust the floor itself, before you go and wash. At this point we need a mop, one mop , two buckets full of water and a pair of gloves : to the far corners where the mop hard to get, in fact, we will be able to use force only using arms.

It starts with the moisten the cloth in one of two buckets of water , and then begin to pass for the floors of the house; every few meters we will stop and the cloth in the other bucket, thus keeping one always full of clean water. Let us remind you the windows wide open and circulate as much air as possible: in this way the floor will dry quickly. If it is cold or there is bad weather you can always speed up this operation with another clean cloth, after waiting a few minutes. To see if the floor has been cleaned, the right technique is to look backlit: must not have stains, faint or dark areas .

Wash the floor itself is simple, but pay attention also to the products used in the process. For a shared floor , dirty and just normal, just a normal detergent or soap. If the floor has grease and tough stains, as often happens in the kitchen, you should use baking soda or vinegar: The first is sanitizing, the second is degreasing. Also on the parquet wood vinegar it is very effective, or alternatively you can use olive oil: but be careful not to overdo the dosage. The carpet should be treated in a more delicate: it is recommended to abound with water and mild soap , which is less aggressive.