It is no longer much used the wool mattresses. Replaced almost entirely by the first orthopedic mattresses and latex ones later, for many are just a childhood memory. Yet, those who have slept, well remembers the enveloping feeling that comes to rest on them. Often accused of causing annoying back pain and bad posture, today in the renewed conception of living, more and more towards eco-friendly, they are finding new fortune. Whilst it is true that they are extremely soft, it is also true, however, that these mattresses require maintenance and cleaning . We see, then, how to wash wool mattresses.

The wool of the mattress is enclosed in special liners, heavy cotton, divided into sections by means of strings that serve to hold her inside and closed with zippers with stitching. If there are hinges, simply open them, otherwise shell out a portion of the mattress, untie the laces and drain all the wool and then wash the covers in washing machine with the program for the cotton linens.


The wool inside can be washed in the washing machine (it is clear that you can wash it by hand, but it is a big job that we can avoid), placing it little by little and in bags of cloth, which should be closed tightly. They’re great the covers, the ones with the zip. Do not let it take you from the temptation to throw the wool in the basket without a seat cover: small wet pieces could penetrate inside the washing machine, impairing its operation and creating a nice damage. Select the program for delicate using very little specific detergent. If you prefer, you can use a little drop of fabric softener.

When it is dry, we will provide to restore softness to the flakes of wool, which will all be twisted. We can either comb it gently with a comb or very wide, faster, separate them with your fingers, giving the pinching and pulling. We place the wool, washed well, in the lining of the clean mattresses, trying to fill well and evenly all the spaces. Every time you compose a section, pull its tie to fill the entire mattress. Recall the zip (or sewing) and sweet dreams!