In a society that is increasingly attentive to safeguard ecosystems and ecology, even a little action, how to wash your dishes without using chemical detergent , followed by a multitude of people, it brings a considerable help to the biosystem, and not only : using DIY products, it will also benefit the finances. It may seem a paradox, but there are ways of washing dishes without detergent: read carefully the steps of this guide that will explain how to wash your dishes.

how to wash your dishes

Here are some tips to be followed before starting the wash, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Use gloves because the conventional detergents have a neutral pH protects the skin, your DIY products not. Moreover, the use of gloves allows you to use very hot water that is already a great cleanser; always pass a paper towel on the plate to remove excess grease; Keep on hand a spray bottle with vinegar and water or baking soda and water, sprayed on the dishes for rattletrap and, in the case of deposits, pour a little warm on the inside and make fire. The first method for washing dishes without the aid of the cleaning is the use of water of the pasta cooking . When you cook the pasta, put plenty of water and, at the time of strain, pick it up in a bowl: dishes perfectly, because the starch issuing the pasta during cooking is an excellent greaser.

The second method is somewhat bizarre, but effective. I remember that my grandmother did when you went to the sea; then they brought sandwiches, but a pan of pasta dishes and cutlery, which then she diligently cleaned in this way: gathered in a bowl a little ‘of sand, there are the dishes and then rubbed all around. Food residues and grease disappeared and she did not have to rinse them under running water. The dishes and especially the pots were cleaned, degreased and sparkling.

With white vinegar, lemon, salt and water you can prepare a detergent , suitable for hand washing and dishwasher. Proceed as follows: in a saucepan, pour all the ingredients, put on the stove to medium heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. After strain the mixture and keep it in glass jars. Remember to close the jar when the content is cold. Finally, on the market there is a bag for dishwashers : it is a sachet of nylon which measures 10×12 cm, with inside three marbles ceramic of three different types: a it cleans and degreases the second and the last sanitizes, eliminating bacteria and odors; It must be at the bottom of the dishwasher and makes about 1000 washes, with a great saving of money and with no harm to the environment.