In every house there are the wooden surfaces. Whether furniture, fixtures or flooring, the wood should be treated with the due attention. In some cases you can buy treated wood resistant to wear and leaks, but in other cases they possess rough surfaces that you need to treat. Let’s see how you can waterproof the wood.

It is spreading the practice of DIY. Buy the raw wood to build the libraries, the shelves or make small decorative creations is both an economic and a healthy pastime. It is well known that the wood should be treated adequately being a very delicate material that when faced with external agents can ruin. The greatest enemy of wood is represented mainly by the liquid. For this you need to treat it so waterproofing the surface.

In the market there are products that when used on the wood make it resistant front of each substance and waterproof outer. This allows you to not have leaks inside of it and keep it running at peak of its appearance free of stains and worn areas. These are the impregnating varnish . They are transparent paints that protect any type of wood surface. In addition to creating a protective film, they penetrate inside the wood colmandone all cracks and permeable making each individual fiber of it.


The effect of impregnating varnish is warranted with regard to the rain, the wind, the sun, salt, fungi and insects can be used to treat both indoor and outdoor wood. Do not alter the beauty of the structure but will retain Once purchased, they are very easy to hang First of all, the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth, then, must be passed sandpaper and the paint stripper to remove all traces of paint from wood .

If the wood is in good condition, you can begin to spread the stain. You can use a paintbrush to paint the first coat. The direction of paving must follow the grain of the wood. After 24 hours, you can apply a second coat of primer. Just to pass around a quarter of an hour to pass a dry brush on the wood in order to make the surface smooth. To your liking can be passed the paint of the desired color or you can opt for a type of colored stain .