For many reasons, the bathroom is the room most complicated distemper, starting with the fact that usually it is a small space, with accessories difficult to move and walls occupied on all sides. The best way to deal with this company is to plan well all the steps before starting the actual operation painting. The secret to getting good results and not go crazy lies in proper preparation.

Paint the bathroom takes time and patience, as it is usually a room equipped with lots of nooks and crannies. First you have to get rid of anything that might disrupt your work: to save time and facilitate the operation remove in advance any disturbing element in the application of paint. Start from the sink to free it from all objects therein supported, go to the room and shower if possible, removing the column from the shower head, move any object on the shelves and / or shelves, then switch to the plates of electrical outlets. Also unscrew the rods towel rack, coat hooks and holders. Remove any fans, mirrors to obtain a space free from clutter.


So roll out the plastic protective and secure the edges with paper tape , making sure to cover, in addition to the floor, anything not previously removed. Then protect with plastic and tape sinks, shower, toilet, heating and everything you do not want to get dirty painting. Let the cleaning phase: in the bathroom use products such as sprays, deodorant, hair spray, perfume and their residues may interfere with the painting, so should be removed by cleaning the walls with a little ammonia-based cleaners or cleaning product for glass. The next step is to plug cracks with pain table silicone acrylic good quality. You might consider it superfluous but in fact fill any gaps is a process fundamental to achieve professional results. Controlled at the points where the shelf of the sink and cabinets are in contact with the walls and along the edges of the shower stall, probably scoverete invisible cracks that you need to fill.

Now you can start to paint First past the primer on all the walls, first along the edges with a brush and besides in the middle of the walls with the roller , when you insert the roller into the bucket of paint remember to wipe the grill that does not run, if it is too soaked . Let dry for a few hours, one pass is sufficient Once dry sanded right angles back and forth through the walls: this operation will serve to obtain a final result from ‘uniform appearance Painting should be applied in the same way the primer, but a 2 or 3 coats, depending on the color and type of paint you use Before the second coat check that the first one is completely dry again some tips: strong colors and dark could be beautiful in a bathroom, but if you use a very thick paint, wait for 2 or 3 days before using the shower or wet room, as it takes nearly a month for the latex paint completely take Eventually recommend you also use a satin finish paint and washable, do not save on the quality of the paint in the bathroom is subject to fluctuations in humidity and temperature and exposed to the use of chemicals, so it must be durable and resistant to the small awkward spaces, such as the wall behind the toilet, get a painter’s brush and a mini road roller.