The onset of cold weather reminds us how important it is to be comfortable at home. I propose a few small adjustments you can make your decor to make this cold period, a time to “lover” in her nest, in comfort!

Fire in my fireplace!

Obviously, the unmissable fireplace is synonymous with comfort and warmth for comfort on cold winter days. If you have a fireplace at home, take the opportunity to make a good fire with logs recycled. The ecological log is composed of recycled sawdust which is heated to very high temperature and then be compressed into logs. His power is greater than the energy wood and no glue, no paraffin or chemical additives are added. If, against, you do not have a chimney, know that it is now possible to obtain portable stoves to create the atmosphere you want to create. This is the case, for example, ethanol fireplaces that work with a very environmentally friendly fuel no smoke or odor and requires no venting.


The comforting smells

If you like fragrances, in cold weather, store your perfumes of citrus fruit or flowers and replace them with smells more “warm” like patchouli, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood or vanilla. There are on the market a range of inexpensive products that give off odors. The scented candles or devices to be plugged into electrical outlets are good examples. For a more natural alternative, you can go to the shops specializing in natural products and provide you with essential oils that you can use with diffusers designed for this purpose. Berger lamps are also a nice alternative to perfume your home. Once you have invested to get your lamp, you will just get fragrant oils of your choice and the seasons.

Textures enveloping

Get some cushions and throws made from false fur and maybe a wool carpet or rug with long hair and even a plush carpet. Regardless of textures and materials, choose those that wrap and make you want to cuddle you in comfort.

Light light

The days become shorter gradually deprive us of the beautiful light so comforting. By September, it gets dark early and the gloom we face. It is time to adjust our lighting. I talked about the lighting in my column “A well-lit” and I invite you to refer to it. Moreover, when winter is knocking at our doors, we can adjust our lighting. We need light, but beware: do not the lights are too strong and rather encourage the addition of auxiliary lamps. We encourage a greater number of light sources and these will be screened to create a mood quite the point!

Heating properly calibrated

Older thermostats do little to avoid wasting energy expenditure. Feel free to get programmable thermostats by which you will be able to adjust the heating of your parts to suit your lifestyle. For example, when you are away at work, no need to heat the house excessively. Simply program your thermostat to increase the heat to the time of your arrival home. More than ever, in winter, the house should be comfortable and pleasant to counter depression and improve your quality of life. Do not skimp on the comfort of your home and allow yourself to be well with you!