The advent of summer, brings with it the desire to start cleaning for well his own house, to try to make it perfect, free from dust, dirt and even the grayness , typical of winter. That’s why we thought a part of the cleaning of the house, that of the wash curtains . Specifically we want to try to understand how you can do to stretch well, the curtains, so that they return to be perfect, as in the past. After the periodic washing , the curtains should be dried and then you can proceed with ironing . This last operation we must not do it well, because it is very thin fabric and easily burnable, and being great is the risk of not iron them well with the result that once called into position on the stick on the wall, wrinkles appear. We see then in this guide as well iron curtain.

iron curtain

The tents are first ironed with steam iron, if you intend to keep them perfectly vertically and without wrinkles once hung on the wall. The important thing is to set the right temperature and the button that indicates the name of the head being ironed.

Good iron curtains, is not easy when you have to deal with delicate fabrics and details, such as flax that is shiny and prone to wrinkles . For a perfect ironing curtains of this kind which are elements of prestigious furniture, you have to execute to the letter of the specific instructions that immediately we care to provide. First, we start from the type of wash which should not be too rich in detergents and with spin speed limited. The modern generation of washing machines are equipped with suitable programs for delicate fabrics, precisely to avoid that the exit are excessively wrinkled. The curtains when washing is completed, should be exposed to air but not to direct sunlight as it may turn yellow. Once dry, they should be carefully folded without pressing them so as not to mark too bends that could cause wrinkles. At this point, the curtains should be supported on the ironing board a bit ‘at a time, and as we proceed with the iron, in order to continue moving in the same direction. On the opposite side it is advisable to position a blanket or sheet to avoid bumping them on the floor, on the occasion of these phases of horizontal movements on the ironing board.

Of fundamental importance for good ironing curtains is the use of water, in addition to the steam emanating from iron that serves mainly to avoid burns or spots, like annoying chiaroscuro. A scarf always linseed, must be placed between the curtains and iron. Eliminate all the wrinkles, the curtains are then raised vertically bending them gently a few times on themselves but without compressing them, to avoid creating new folds that would frustrate the work done so far. At this point, you hang on the wall and admire in their prime, linearity and without wrinkles …!
And then in a few moves, we too, we ironed perfectly, our tents at home and bring them back in order!