The room is the highlight of the room for relaxation and recover from the stress of the day. Here are some ideas and color combinations for bedroom, useful both for recharging the batteries is to rest. The different needs will determine what color palette to use. Before you buy a painting or choose a bedspread, so it is essential to evaluate your usage requirements, so you can choose a color palette that reflects in full.

If you want an oasis of peace and tranquility, consider a color scheme built around cold colors blue, green and purple, which are soothing and calming. The different shades of each can completely change the atmosphere. Keep a slight contrast and uses the least possible number of models to improve the feeling of tranquility. Remember that cool colors can also give the feeling of a dark room, so it will mix them well with a subdued warm Neuro, such as orange or red. Try to match the sage green with accents of lavender, for a refined result in a Provencal style. The agreement between the blue and white china instead give a fresh look and a feeling of cleanliness.


If you want to carry a bit of verve, choose warm tones for energy and heat. Because they tend to stand out significantly, it is a smart idea to combine them with neutral accents or cold. For a tropical feel of the environment, using the lemon yellow, lime green and a bit ‘of bright orange. Associated with a buttery yellow to black, gray and a white or a neutral will give you the ability to incorporate texture contrasts rich and playful. Other combinations are the original peach and blue. If you love the classic style, choose monochromatic pink or yellow tempered by dark brown.

Red is the color of love and passion, but it is very suitable for a bedroom in which you want to relax instead choose the purple and pink to give a nice intensity. Play with different combinations , such as red to purple and pink or cream with orange Add to assault the senses but always neutral for a glamorous and seductive Rich fabrics, sparkling and soft details add allure to these combinations rather strong.

Schemes classic reference work better with mobile blacks, whites and grays. Many designers have included them also in brown. Remember that the traditional should never be considered to be devoid of personality, as long as it implements textured balance and contrast. In this way the palette neutral gives you a relaxing and luxurious room. An interesting example is the charcoal gray, taupe and ivory shaded by.