Wood is always pure objects, form and manage a variety of creative ideas to the imagination teases. We save the book and the style of our original way to arouse interest in our reading corner can achieve. Create a library of different materials of wood that gives us a challenge to win a hand. To build a library with wooden boxes to see the fruits of recovery days.

It starts from the position that you have available, you will need to purchase to figure out how many boxes; Our wall system you can build with multiples, so the average size of 60 × 30 cm. Tapes were recovered, they can carry the weight of the book you need to check their status.


It is easy to remove splinters come off and cause any Staples sandpaper to rub down the surface with a wood containers. Color remaining on the bet or to harmonize with the furniture, you can choose the color of the paint, the color of the wood to colored. If the “real” effect, it is a more even tone choices, Otherwise a water-based paint, which gives the wood stain to go with a brush. Transactions inside and mullions, transoms and braces out of the cassette without neglecting involves. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours.

If you are first decoupage method to animate the surface of the images look like paintings, decorate the library to choose a suitable kit (rice paper, napkins, etc.) to harmonize with the rest of the room. In this case, dry (at least 24 hours), until, wait, paste the image, go to the box two coats of paint and four coats of glue spread on the surface to complete the level. Necessary for the protection of wood “flatting” the delivery of a product and let it dry.

Up to now, the library will be ready for the elements of the assembly. A balanced composition, 180 cm high and 90 cm wide, in accordance with the provisions of this rhythm can be achieved: a horizontal box at the top with two vertical; Is still on the top of a horizontal and vertical; This stack of three cassettes are placed vertically one above the other.