The ceilings play a very important role in every home, are often underestimated, as it is given the greatest attention to the walls, but this is absolutely wrong, because the decoration of the ceiling is able to give a wonderful effect to the environment, in that they are able to also ensure a higher brighter to the house. Obviously, decorate the ceiling becomes a more complex than the simple decoration of the walls, but with a little forethought the operation will succeed the right way. Then continue reading this attractive guide, in order to learn different ideas to decorate the ceiling.


Decorate your ceiling is definitely a very particular choice and creative, a first idea to decorate it, would be to paint your ceiling, but choose a different color than the one you will use for painting your walls, for example using the stickers to give a touch of originality to your room. In any case, if you use just stickers or posters to decorate the ceiling, another idea is to whitewash the ceiling with white color, to bring out the most of your decorations. It is very important, as regards the painting, always start from the ceiling and never from the walls, as the color used to decorate the ceiling could drain on the walls. Once you have chosen the most suitable instrument for decoration, proceed to brush one hand, to achieve as the opposite side.

For the decoration of the ceilings, are usually used colors that are semi-washed, to allow your roof to breathe. Of course, before proceeding with the decoration of your ceiling, you should try to eliminate any possible impurities and even the old paint remained, to do this you can proceed sand all over the ceiling for good. At this point, you can apply a first coat of color, but having the foresight to spreading the paint in the direction of the light, so try to avoid straightening of color.

Once the first coat of paint has dried, you will need to check carefully on your ceiling if there are any holes or imperfections, in case proceeding with the grouting of them to be able to cover. Once this is done, you can proceed with the second coat of paint, but it will not be the last, in fact, your ceiling will need a third and final pass of color, but you have to be very careful before proceeding with the last pass, to wait until the second hand is perfectly dry.