The bedroom of the youngest is their most private space. There they relax, play, study and rest. It is your comfort zone and you should feel comfortable in it. You will spend much of your time inside. Do you want to run away? Maybe you do not like pink rooms for girls or blue ones for kids, but you do not know that there is a wide range of alternative options. We want to give you some ideas to create an ideal unisex children’s room. You can bet on very different tonalities. Yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks and oranges scattered on cushions, paintings and carpets.

Ideas to decorate a children's room

In addition, if they are pastel shades, better. In addition to a palette of light colors, you can include wood it adds contrast and warmth. White furniture is a good choice to create a unisex children’s decor. We seek to create a warm room, with a certain vintage touch. That moves away from the strong colors that marked the past trends. Apart from the white, the cream, sand and light gray shades feel great. We must let imagination and ingenuity fly to make the most of the children’s room and to make them feel comfortable. In turn, they should be able to have the freedom to choose what they like, in terms of decoration and colors. Let them choose what they feel best. In the end, they are the ones who will enjoy it.

It is true that as each person grows he accumulates more and more things. That is often a problem, especially in space matters. When there is a small child in the house it is easy that there are more and more toys, and with it, disorder. We understand you there comes a time when you have to consider reorganizing the space efficiently, creating storage areas to keep everything under control. Many children adopt many habits of their parents. If you are not the most orderly person in the world, they do nothing but copy what their referents do. “Careful” with what you do that your baby is watching you.

That the room has a good lighting is something that you must take into account. The dark colors absorb natural light. We recommend that, to gain space, take advantage of the walls and vertical storage. Place shelves and other containers around the windows. The modular assemblies are ideal to adapt to small spaces. There are a variety of models have the bed, cupboards and drawers. The trundle beds can be an excellent resource to save space in a simple way in the shared rooms. On the other hand, placing the bed next to the wall will create an effect of greater amplitude and space. The key lies in the order and structure of the room.