There is no Christmas, without gifts. If you are looking for some special gift ideas for friends and family, love handmade things and you’re creative enough, check out the tips today. Below are a few suggestions that will be very useful for those who want to look great without spending a fortune. In times of crisis every opportunity we can save money, even when it comes to gifts. Biscuits original, excellent preserves, individually decorated here are some tips that will make your unique thoughts of Christmas.

Start with a very original proposal, but at the same time easy to implement and above all economic. For the purchase of the ingredients and of the occurrence of the presentations will serve about 10 euro. It is very simple to prepare the cookies of puff pastry, then decorate with sugar paste red and white. Here you will find an example of a star cookie, but you can have fun with the same method to create the shapes that you like. Use the usual recipe of the pastry, but make sure the ingredients, there is no yeast, otherwise the cookies will tend to deform in cooking. Obtained using the mold of shortbread star and, after being fired, wait a few hours before proceeding with decoration.


When they are cold, you begin to roll out the white sugar paste. Cop pate with a star cookie cutter the dough and let dry a few minutes to air. Stir, then half a glass of water with sugar to obtain a glue edible, desperateness a little bit on one side of the biscuit and inviolate the star of white sugar. Ultimate is adding other details, taking a cue from the next. The same procedure can also make funny faces of Santa Claus, as shown in the picture, saplings or balls. At this point you will only have to pack your creations in the right bag for food and close the package with a red ribbon.

Also for the second idea gift propose something that has to do with the board and traditional flavors: the preserves of jam. Always present at Christmas hampers, James’ turn out to be an evergreen, a gift always appreciated for their preparation especially if you are using fresh fruit. The ideal would be to proceed with a potting man as you have at their disposal oranges, apricots, strawberries or peaches. The cost in this case varies depending on the type of fruit choice, but if you have a small garden expenses will be very low, because the only thing to buy is sugar, which is typically sold at an average price of about 1 EUR per kg.

For the procedure and help yourself cooking the jam recipe you refer to regularly. But it will be important to work with the package, so as to make each jar customized. Choose carefully the jars, perhaps by recycling what you already have in your home or, alternatively, by buying new ones in a hardware store (the cost is a few cents). Better opt for containers of small size, the more beautiful for a gift, and glass is not colored, so as to highlight the content. Print labels from your PC, attach them to each keeps writing the kind of jam, complemented by covering the lid with a square of jute (or cloth ) and get the whole thing with string.

And now a proposal for lovers of DIY. At Christmas, it is customary to decorate the house with carpets, tablecloths and themed potholders, so even a declaration will be particularly appreciated by those who receive it as a gift. With this tutorial you will create a ball to hang on the chandelier or near the fireplace. The same process also allows you to create a wreath to hang on the door or any other decoration you can think of. They will serve a polystyrene base , spherical or donuts (depending on the type of work you have chosen), pieces of cloth (but are also fine sheets of felt) and hot glue.

Where in your home do not have the foam, you can buy it in one of the many hobby shops in your area. A sphere with a diameter of ten centimeters costs less than 1 euro, so once again the cost of the gift will certainly be within everyone’s reach. After choosing the scraps of fabric you prefer (it is advisable to use printed cloth worn over a fancy and plain color), started to roll out little by little hot glue. Take as adhere the fabric so that you do not create wrinkles and assembled the various parts of tissue depending on the effect you want to achieve. Take a look at the picture on the left to get an idea of the final result.