The children’s decor is an area that has its own characteristics in the interior design concept in terms of furniture, lamps and curtains.

In general, handled the interior design concepts regarding the decoration of the house are similar but totally different premises is spoken. The principles to decorate a living room , dining room or kitchen are basically the same. However, when it comes to decorating children, a series of needs and options not found in any other living space, which is suitable for a personal study of the room.

The children’s decor: choose furniture thinking ahead

The first aspect to consider in the interior design is what is the most suitable room for the baby. Logic says that a young child needs constant care of their parents so the first rule is that it should be near the master bedroom. It is also important for the health of the child that the room is very bright and warm, that is far away as possible from excessive noise from outside. If saving money is, to decorate children’s bedrooms can plan it properly so that when the child grows not need a complete overhaul of the room, but is usable as possible. So you can opt for multi-purpose furniture and convertible, with a timeless decor. To take advantage of convenient space are dual-use furniture: a crib or convertible sofa bed, a comfortable bathtub with built-changer are some possible solutions. Furniture should be approved. The materials should not be toxic and fireproof with rounded edges. The crib should be smooth finish and durable material such as wood and melamine.


The decoration of the walls in a room for children

When children are very young it is recommended that the walls are painted in pastels, soft, as they have relaxing effects. Hardwood floors are very suitable because they are absorbing noise. One must consider that the walls of the bedrooms of children are sustained by what is interesting that the coatings are easily washable. Paints, plastic and vinyl papers are options for easier maintenance. Another solution often given is to place high wooden baseboards.

Accessories like lamps and curtains in the bedrooms of children

Keep in mind that children, contrary to popular belief, they need more light than older people. Therefore we must pay close attention to this aspect of decorating a nursery. At first just a ceiling light with an intensity of 100 W, and a table lamp to monitor the child during the night. When the child is of school age must be added a lamp in his study table, and put it near a window to give good natural light . As for the curtains , the blinds are ideal because they do not take up space and allow the placement of furniture under the window as it could be a table to study. The colors of the curtains, as well as the walls, should be cakes. Natural colors are valid options. As for the material of the curtains, linen and cotton are ideal for being durable and washable.