Decorating living room walls is a key step to give an original and refined appearance. There are many ideas, but you should look for the best one according to your possibilities in terms of size. There are tricks, so that the room seems bigger and you can take better advantage of the place. Dark walls and decorative paintings this option is ideal for small rooms. Instead of putting a clock, that is what we usually do. You can use photographs, images, unusual figures, they will give a personal touch to the room, and very original.

decorating living room walls

To give a wider sense: If you need to enlarge a narrow space you want the room to look wider in general, you have to paint the walls and ceiling in the same tone. It is essential that they be clear tones, that way you will get the limits diluted and gain amplitude. Brick wall and painting: The paintings are important in the decoration of walls in the living rooms. A well-chosen painting, can give a very sophisticated touch to your living room, and turn it into a work of art. White walls: It has been transformed again into a trend, and the white walls have gained strength. In this way, light, space and decorative details are enhanced, such as adding vintage pieces.

Decorate a small space: if your living room is very small, you can find a matching sofa, which you use as a main sofa, creating a formal and cozy atmosphere. Large windows and mirrors increase the feeling of space: A large window, and the addition of a large mirror, increases the sense of spaciousness of any room. Very original wood wall for the living room: Decorating with photographs, it is the perfect material for the decoration of the walls. Making collages with photos, placing the adornments strategic places, giving free rein to the imagination, you can create a very modern style.

Brick walls seen: They can be treated or left white, they decorate by themselves. The brick texture is ideal for decorating the interior of the rooms. It may have an old or rustic look and is distinguished by its texture. The light colors create the effect of enlarging and giving more light. Many may not be, but it is sweeping the store more and more, and for this season. Its kitchen line is full of new features. H & M is a firm that never ceases to amaze us and always has something ready for its collections and its collaborations often luxury. You can mix the colors the textures, there are a thousand ideas, let your imagination fly and create your environment.