That is saying something, but the fact is that withstands cold, heat, lack of water, frost. Iguana good anywhere where you put, even without excessive light. In winter, do not go overboard with the watering. This plant withstands the lack of light humidity and high temperatures. Other species need more light, but not direct sun. They say it is also almost indestructible. If you forget to water it one of the main ideas for decorating it holds up well the lack of water and even heat and dry environments.

best indoor plants

However, the best is also survives the cold so you can use it regardless of where your home is located. It is very decorative and is useful when we suffer a burn, nicks or cuts. The only thing that does not sit well is cold and water, likes light but if you get too direct sun, the leaves turn brown. It is up precious in a cup or in the bathroom.


This plant is very easy to care for and can put in dark areas because it holds up well. In addition, as we said before, if you forget to water it nothing happens, since water is stored in the roots will and support periods of drought. Put it near a window and sprayed in the summer to not brown leaves remain.


Cacti are perfect ideas for decorating with plants but do not have time to devote to them. You do not need to water them just, leave with good natural light and decorate them any room in your home. There are many species with varied shapes and colors. The broadloom is one of my favorite plants. It is very durable and can enjoy its beautiful colorful flowers over a period of three to six months. Only bloom once. Although green leaves are also very nice. Just procure natural light without direct sun gives him, and usually watering. In the hot days, you can spray water or put a dish under the pot.

Adam’s Rib

Also known as delicious Monster is a perfect ideas for decorating to place in a bright place indoors or in corners or corners where there is no light outside too, as it fits well in the shade. The land has to be dry between watering and no need to spray the leaves with water, since dry environments, you feel good.