We said yesterday that the year is over and we always want to start a new one with new decor , aims to meet and optimism and positivist. Nor will we make a comprehensive reform but we like to see many inspiring for ideas and with little touches to make our home, and in this case our room start renovated year. It is always a good way to decorate correctly symmetry helps us have order in our daily lives. It is perfect for amateur decorators or novice, a sure hit.


Of course, if yours is breaking molds perhaps the best and most identify the personality of your home is to come out of the established and you dare to integrate the different. In addition, we advised that it is not easy but tastes.

Yours furniture

We are surprised to see that our own furniture “customized” or simply placed otherwise look new. Keep turning to the head and changes the distribution of your living room. What always say, the DIY are perfect to give character and customize a house. Whether using chalk paint making a lamp or lining screens no one will like you.

Use natural light

Spain is a country full of advantages and gifts of nature approaches the sun and let it pour into your home nothing better than a lounge seen with natural light the other the artificial must clarify them regulate them play with them but natural light is a gift from the gods.

Abuses of mirrors

Do you have a small room? Use all the tricks that seem visually larger do not grocery furniture, objects and especially abused mirrors suddenly your living room will be twice as large. All of the above keys are great, but in the end, what we like to be home look around and feel part of it, comfortable a home.