Do you need a change home at this year? How do you start painting the exterior walls? It is important to know how to choose the most suitable color for the house. Some colors work for the outside, they are luminous and do not stain so much. Do not look so dirty due to the effects of external agents, which obscure the appearance of the facade over time. Here we show you the ideas for painting the exterior walls of the house.

Current trends to paint exterior walls

Soft and neutral colors: these colors allow the white to be left a little aside, the facade is illuminated and they are always a trend. We are talking about very soft earth tones or beige. Always a color looks modern and contemporary. It can combine with other tones, like garnet, and with brown doors and windows. Combination of vibrant colors with white: If your house has several planes that overlap the fade. You can highlight them with a combination of intense colors such as pink and yellow. Also, leave the intermediate walls in a neutral tone, such as white or light gray, as the effect is very modern.

Ideas for painting the exterior walls

White is a classic color and widely used for the exterior walls of the house. They can look very elegant, clean, and spacious. The detail that is a very fashionable is to use the gray color as a complement. That the architectural details such as bars or window frames painted in another color. White always looks clean and fresh and helps to reflect more light inwards. Yes, it also gets dirty before.  Dark colors combined with natural woods.

Many houses have details in brick, stone or wood. To obtain an elegant effect, you can increase the contrast between the coating and the natural wood, painting the exterior of a dark tone. Dark colors such as gray, blue, are very good with brick or stone. It is important that the color you choose combine harmoniously. Strong and lively colors: Pink, fuchsia must use with great care. If you dare to paint all your fade with that color, it is important that you combine it with an intensely green garden, tall trees and vines. The combination will look very cozy!