If our house is not particularly large, or simply do not have enough space , a cause of the excessive number of furniture , furnishings and objects, but there are some guidelines to follow, which simply allow us to optimize it. In this regard, here is a set of ideas and suggestions. If the house has an attic, the space can be optimized using the angular part and then lower, to place a set of drawers, which allow us to reduce the size of the cabinet, that maybe instead of buying 4 or 6 doors, we can put in the highest part also of only two doors, seen that a large part of the laundry we place the right in the side drawer, which, however, can make it much longer than usual, maybe affiance at least two others.


Even in a normal house, optimize space can be important, and in particular, the idea is to do it in small spaces such as a room from the bathroom, where the individual health was already very collected, and does not allow us to insert other furniture in wood. In this case should buy (or to build a cabinet maker), the cabinets, recessed, to fit under the sink, or take advantage of the height of the room (if available), to hook wall cupboards, ideal for storing towels, bathrobes and tarpaulins bath. If the room is originally enclosed more bearing walls, a good idea to maximize space, is to dig in more points (where possible), the niches of about ten inches deep , and use them as a furniture store and creams tools for body care. In this case, as the sliding doors can be positioned, so as to not have any problem for the purpose of opening.

A kitchen environment instead, although it may be quite small, ideal to optimize the available space, especially when we originally opted for a modular kitchen with American style. In this case, in a rather small, we can eliminate the traditional table, and instead buy (or do realize), another closer, maybe in the peninsula, in order to free the center of the room, and especially with the advantage to accompany this form below of drawers and shelves, which are used to store cookware and cooking utensils is not used very often. Although due to the positioning of furniture, we have little space such as on the side of a kitchen, but we can optimize it, creating another compartment with a door of the same color, and use it to store brooms and various products for daily cleaning of the house .