The beautiful festive dish cheaper, decoration gingerbread, wreaths, garlands, candles: create a festive atmosphere for children.

Create a Christmas atmosphere, quickly and easily, without breaking the bank, it is possible. Let’s start with the festive dishes, it’s always nice to change dishes for the holidays, but the cost is not insignificant for the budget. So consider the rent rather than buy it and do your holiday table a little jewel, without worrying about the price! For the water, choose a lightweight fabric for cutting, like chiffon, organza, gold, silver or white ice, you drape elegantly on the table.

Choosing colors for decorating Christmas

Choose two or three colors for your decor, you will get a more harmonious decoration, design, worthy of a decorator. These colors are to be selected depending on the decoration of your home, if the tones are warm, you can choose from red, gold, instead of ice blue and silver.


The colors of Christmas symbols and their meanings

# Red and green Christmas symbolize: red is the color of the feast, the mantle of Santa Claus, holly berries. The red used sparingly immediately changes the feel of a room, making it warm and instantly communicating to a party atmosphere. Green represents nature: mistletoe, holly, ivy, Christmas trees and more symbolically hopes, desires, the cycle of life continues.
# White recalls the seasonal snow, the border of white fur mantle of Santa Claus, white candles, purity.
# White, ice blue, silver, gold are the colors of Christmas, seasonal, like a fairytale castle of ice.

Ideas of color themes for the fir

A Christmas tree too colorful may seem unattractive, see disharmonious, here are some ideas color combinations:

# Purple, gold and green to represent the theme of wine
# pink, blue and yellow pastels will contrast with the dark green fir
# test the harmony of the monochrome with a range of colors: blue, indigo, blue king to go to ice blue, or shades of purple lavender up to.

A centerpiece transformed into Christmas village

The centerpieces are beautiful, but children certainly prefer more gingerbread houses or ceramic, representing a Christmas village. To do this, sprinkle the sheet of fake snow throughout the center of the table, place the houses, shops, trees and people. Add Santa, his reindeer and his wagon, you get a table centerpiece that will delight young and old.

Make garlands gourmet gingerbread, with curl, cranberries, popcorn

Children will be delighted to make these garlands . They provide an authentic touch, greedy, in a Christmas decoration, vintage, antique. Equipped with nylon thread, a large needle, the garlands are made ​​of small snowmen gingerbread , with curl, cranberries or popcorn.

A touch of fragrance and freshness in decorating the tree

Interleave in garlands or place here and there in the tree of fresh roses. They bring a fresh fragrance and a touch and unexpected beauty. To keep the flowers fresh, place the flowers in water-filled tubes (available at florists).

A fire of candles

When there are many guests, the warmth of the fireplace can be quickly almost unbearable. For the symbolic and the ambiance of a fireplace without the heat, fill the home with candles lit white.