Excited to build a terrace? As in any development project, proper planning is necessary. Speak of flooring outside. Do you have an idea of ​​what you want? Treated wood, pavement, concrete or ceramic? The choices abound. What style are you looking for? The advantages of flooring outside the most well known face of our beautiful weather seasons:

Treated wood

Treated wood (usually pine or spruce) remains a popular choice given its very affordable price. Treated wood gives, on the terrace, one looks really warm. Anything is possible with wood; the desired effect, it is possible to paint, to dye, bleach it. we think we see too often stained wood in traditional colors, making the terrace a bit sluggish. Imagine a floor wood deck tinged “charcoal gray” or painted in black! You do not dare? Yet no matter the style of your home, these hues add a side much more chic to your patio. Even thing for the installation, dare install wood strips creating a pattern out of the ordinary.


Obviously there are more cutting for installation, but it’s a great way to raise the floor of the terrace and thus make it more attractive. You have an artist’s hand? Use your talent and good taste on the outside and paint a pattern with two or three colors. Choose paints or premium exterior stains for maximum strength and durability of your floor. If you prefer the splendor of the wood in its purest form, choose a rich wood like teak.

Paving slabs

Regardless of whether a more modern look or rustic paving slabs have the advantage of giving a luxurious look. This type of coating is virtually maintenance free, durable, in addition to providing an excellent weather resistance. It is necessary to pay attention to our choice, since the slabs with very straight edges with a smooth surface are particularly well suited to a modern-looking house. While the tiles more “rough” to the surface and irregular edges are better suited to a residence or a more traditional country house. Installation of a paved terrace is an excellent choice that increases the value of the house, When the installation is flawless, of course!

The concrete

Concrete offers excellent durability and handles a variety of ways to adapt to any type of home. It can be stained, painted or stamped with a pattern that mimics a slab of pavement. Concrete can sometimes make it seem “modern industrial” and is very suitable for a contemporary-style house. He may also give a more European look depending on the finish you choose. Try mixing concrete and wood, a new marriage and sought, giving the impression of a terrace with clean lines and studied.

The ceramic

we like the ceramic on the outside. This type of soil actually feels like an outdoor room. I like the Mediterranean and the South side that brings the ceramic. To help resist the gels, we absolutely choose porcelain tile and grout and adhesives designed for outdoor use. Beautiful large tile 24” X24” or rectangular simple lines will certainly energize and modernize a shabby terrace. However, one must be careful, because when the ceramic is wet, it can become very slippery. So to avoid if there is a pool nearby. Ceramic and wood are also a good mix.

Natural stones

They earn much popularity and are loved for their rustic appearance. Corrosion resistant and sturdy, stone charmed by its timelessness. Develop its terrace with natural stone is also a way to add value to his home. In addition, natural stones are perfect for every style and fit very well to all greens.

A green terrace

Why not? And if we decided that the floor of our terrace will be green! White clover will give you a green carpet all summer. In addition, you can trample, nor place garden furniture and it will still look beautiful. Again, the desired effect, a mixture of stone and white clover gives you an original terrazzo floor that integrates seamlessly with nature. Finally, whatever you choose, remember that skimping on quality of materials and installation can end up costing you more in the long term. Also, some materials will dare to mix your deck the main attraction of the court and it is you who will benefit.