The classic board consists of cloth (maybe white or flowers, or similar decorations and completely anonymous) napkins folded in a triangle or rectangle, maybe paper instead of cloth do not find it a bit sad and monotonous? If yours is yes, read on. I will give you little ideas to give a dash of fun to your table, to be able to embellish a little making it more enjoyable moments lunch and dinner.

It takes very little to make your table more beautiful to see, let’s start from the dishes. It is not necessary that you use the classic dishes to hang on the wall, let’s face it: they are beautiful, but the idea that broadcast is to look at a work of art, like a painting or a sculpture not convey the idea certain to eat! Boater then the simple dishes, with at most only a decoration to the contour of the plate (the plate is the bottom or floor, is no exception to the rule, must be a simple dish.) To give originality to the location of each diner, we focus on what we can put in the pot! Instead of the usual mats made ​​of wood or plastic, opt for something unusual but very effective: a bar of cloth (about an inch thick ones) with a sunset painting, a landscape, a seabed, or any other person who find it nice to see! Logically, if you have chosen the dishes with a minimum of decoration, you have to be careful to choose tables that have the same or similar color, or who are otherwise harmonize perfectly, the colors must not “out of place”!


Another good idea is to use a napkin for each diner. There are trade round napkin bearing a single napkin: they are real and their circles where it is tucked his napkin previously rolled (or fan folded for an even more cute or sophisticated) with inside cutlery. It can be of any color, even with the decorations attached or, if you wish, you can buy them very simple and you decorate them as you like, or as most would adapt to the colors you have chosen for your table! In this way, the result is guaranteed and you can not go wrong! By the choice of cutlery I recommend the simple, not the plastic handles of many colors simple, steel or silver.

Finally can not miss something to put on the table! Given that so far I have spoken almost exclusively of colors, of course, my advice is to put a jar table with beautiful flowers of the same color that you have chosen! If you chose red, opt nice three or four red roses, or if you chose yellow, yellow roses or violets thought yellow and white jiggy with it! As an alternative to flowers, we welcome the colored candles (but not perfumed Do not all like the scent of the candles while eating!)Important Note: You can also play with colors do contrast, but in this case it is very important that all places of the guests are the same and what you choose to put on the table overs absolutely all the colors!