Give a touch of color with beautiful decorations, choosing the furniture, is the key to creating our own environment and feel good in the kitchen.

To obtain good results in the decoration of the kitchen, making better use of space, you need to do a basic study will help to give a clue as to what the priorities before starting to decorate, and thus able to decide which is the perfect environment . Whether big or small, irregular or square, the kitchen must share an atmosphere of warmth and practicality.


The ideal kitchen should be spacious, bright and tidy for a special charm in that corner where we can spend so many hours without realizing it:

# An island is an option if space is very large, is an extra surface for food preparation or use as a breakfast area, with drawers or cabinets to save space will gain what you want.
# A single line of cabinets, light-colored, is the solution for kitchens elongated. It achieves an effect of “widening” and also can choose to place a bar or restaurant in the opposite wall.
# For a square shape, the best distribution is the “U”. It will be practical and functional. Whether large or small space, the goal will be to use one side as counter and bar area, and the other as a kitchen sink.
# Distribute an “L” is another option in small steps, getting more work surface without overburden. It may place a dining table in the free wall.
# The sliding doors do not detract recessed feet and allow the wall to take a piece of furniture.



Visually vent the kitchen is the primary objective, for example with removable corner modules, or you can take advantage of any structural element (hollow, outgoing ) with furniture, gaining a sense of spaciousness and comfort:

# A column with removable shelves allow quick access to what we hold in each of them.
# A removable cabinet placed on the corner of the kitchen, take advantage of all the background and can easily handle.
# A large glass display case is ideal to put the dishes and ornaments, decorating the room.
# A cabinet on the counter will have to hand cups and glasses.
# The drawers high use of space for large accessories.
# The white on the cabinets is a good choice, blends well and also enlarges the space. The latest designs offer very large wooden modules, combined with frosted glass, providing a light and contemporary aesthetics.
# Equip drawers with extensive internal divisions of plastic or metal utensils will always keep tidy.
# The modules for recycling and cleaning the sink impractical.
# If the oven, a dishwasher or oven is placed in a high modulus, will be accessed more easily to it.


Daring to change the color of the wall, give a radical spending very little money. Be ideal tone that highlights the qualities of space and furniture . The orientation of the kitchen can help determine the appropriateness of one color or another. The north-facing require warm and bright colors, however, the south facing improve with shades such as white or green. The facing east are best for the grays, creams and pastels. Those that face west are perfect for cool colors.

# The pink or mauve, are two colors that can be combined well together creating a soft contrast to the white lacquered furniture.
# The gray is a color that provides a sense of spaciousness and light.
# Places to eat can be differentiated wall wearing a cheerful striped paper, giving a modern look.
# The universal color of neutral tones, based on the green, brown or yellow blend with any style. The off-white combines cleanliness and clarity.


The ins and small accessories will last note to the kitchen, making a very personal atmosphere:

# Candles placed in different colors combined on the shelves, or on the bottom of the table, give warmth.
# A vase will delight when decorated with a bouquet of flowers good natural or artificial, will be ideal for the corner of the countertop.
# A pot with a plant by the window will give life and color.
# If you decide to put covers on the chairs, the fabric may be the same color as the curtains, to match to match.
# By mixing pieces of the same color, these gain more prominence.
If you manage to find the ideal distribution, furniture, paint and detail combined line will have been able to find the perfect environment.