Did you know that a library can be not only a tool catalog for ordering books, dictionaries, CDs, DVDs , ornaments or other material which you are in possession but also a precious object for innovative solutions designed to furnish your home? Have a look at our ideas and the advice given here.

Among the rooms of your home there is a very wide. It would be nice maybe split it into two parts to create two different settings but pull on a wall does not seem the best solution for more expensive traffic: you do not want to have building work in my way! Do you know how can you do? Buy a large library rectangular composed of two or three pieces, in tones that agree with those of your furniture and place this as a partition of the room: is a wonderfully modern and contemporary originally.

For the bedroom, you can use a shelf to create a sort of arch, placing two libraries little diameter and strong long sides of the bed that will join their bases than acting as a support for a top piece placed horizontally along the line Wall. You can store your precious papers in the upper position while the lampshades in the lower levels, along with a few FRAME, photographs or jewelry.


If you want to make a room much current, you can work towards a particular kind of “framework” in this way: purchase a number between seven and ten simple long wall shelves, walnut, ash or material you prefer and apply them the one below the other against a wall so as to form a sort of big box Colmerete each floor of books side by side and you will be in the final, held as a work of art on the walls of your home.

With the combination of a series of shelves of different sizes , a central, square, very broad and without shelves, a lateral thin and long and with a supporting function, lying on the floor for the horizontal direction, can realize a great mobile for stay, particularly suitable for the position of the TV. Course will fill the surrounding spaces with the widest range of literature and maybe a vase and crystal objects to decorate.