The kitchen is the most used room in your home and visited. It is not uncommon that after a while ‘you who wants to refresh her ​​look with something new and original without having to spend astonishing figures . With this guide you’ll be able to renovate the kitchen in the best of ways with original ideas that will bring into your home a touch of originality .

There are an infinite number of solutions to bring an air of innovation within your kitchen without incurring excessive costs and one of them could be the use of panels airbrushed to apply directly with appropriate adhesives over the old tiles . They are sold in furniture stores and install on quickly without having to make structural changes to the environment. Those most commonly used are laminated glass and if hit by direct lighting recreate interesting play of reflections that brighten the environment. If you would prefer to have panels are easy to clean and less showy can be placed in an appropriate forum and steel rims.


As for the walls devoid of any ornament you can brighten up painting them with delicate shades of pastel colors, or opt for more vivid color accents such as red oil lemon yellow. To give a new look to all the furniture you can decorate the doors of the furniture with the art of decoupage or simply by painting with colors that are in contrast with the color of the walls. Replace handles all doors and drawers with other original shapes. The you can buy at any paint shop in malls or better provided. If you want to get an overall impression lively and opt for less traditional handles different from one another.

The old chairs and stools will be replaced only possible if visibly damaged otherwise you can give a new look of sunflowers decorating them with plastic applied with hot glue on the back You can choose different types of flowers for each chair or stool recreate in the kitchen the joy of a beautiful flower garden. If you are skilled with a needle and thread you can delight in crafting new pillows to be placed on the chairs with the technique of using patchwork fabrics with floral patterns As for the curtains of the kitchen is simply tie them in the middle with strips of colored fabric or with strands of natural raffia The chandelier should replace it with a new one only if it is damaged or if it is still in good condition you can paint with warm colors to convey a special atmosphere when you turn on the light to make these simple changes in a short time be able to give a completely renovated the kitchen that has bored.