Simply having a minimum knowledge of the best tips for planting and transplanting ensuring success from the start.

If you have meters behind the house, you can put a small garden and dedicate it to grow what you want and it will be a great reward when you see the first crops, getting good results with minimal effort.


The ideal is to start in spring, but can also be started in the summer. In its design, can be drawn aisles 1 meter wide, to access it more easily and have in each section of different types of planting. To provide water, the option of installing a hydrant using polyethylene pipes will be simple, thus avoiding transfer pipes from the house. A great idea would be to place a tank to go collecting rainwater to water and then with her. You can reserve a space in wooden crates to keep the compost, which will serve to fertilize the ground. Is to save every scrap of herbs, watering continuously, becoming a ferment organic fertilizer. To save the tools can design a small shed, or instead of a cabinet dedicated to it.


Plant ” in situ “

You can sow “in situ” during the year, but it is advisable not to do when the ground is frozen or soaked with too much water. When the seedlings have sprouted, it should be thinned, which is to remove some of them, leaving only the more developed, so have more room to grow. In February, it is advisable to pay and clear the land to avoid pests .


When performing the transplant on a hot day, it will happen the next day the plant will appear with the fallen leaves, it is not worrying, just happened that their roots have stopped work temporarily, the solution will continue watering. After about 3 or 4 days will begin to see results. A good tip is to pluck the leaves if not replaced, this way will sprout new harder.

Planting in pots

The ideal for planting in pots will be planted in March or April to get good results. Should be mixed in equal parts topsoil and earth, it is advisable to plant 1 to 3 seeds in each pot at 1 cm depth, watered every day until the first leaves appear, then simply keep the soil moist. With good planning in the garden designed, you can have a variety of vegetables and most of the year while keeping it a perfect therapy to relax and increase our creativity.