After moving into a new house, we naturally make adjustments and alterations over time in the hope of being able to sell it at a substantially higher price once we make the decision to move. The truth is that we invest so much money when there is no reason to do so. Here’s the secret: By adding an additional room or expanding the floor area, you automatically increase the value of your home considerably. In this article you will become familiar with the popular types of loft conversions and the advantages of each one, and before you know it, your home will be worth more than you ever imagined.


5 Popular Types of Loft Conversion

Dormer Loft Conversion

This is one of the most familiar types of loft conversion mainly because it is suitable for all styles of homes and no building permission is needed prior to planning. No matter the shape or size of your loft, the Dormer is will convert it into a stunning designer spectacle.


  • Provides excellent lighting and ventilation
  • Large amount of additional floor and head space
  • Vertically straight walls, as opposed to slanted or horizontal ones
  • Relatively inexpensive to carry out

Velux Conversion

A glamorous option, the Velux Conversion entails fitting windows into the roofline without altering it. Due to the small amount of alterations actually made, there is no need for planning permission which saves you a lot of time.


  • Windows provide for lots of sunlight and a very spacious look
  • Very affordable to undertake
  • Makes for a very unique and authentic loft

Mansard Loft Conversion

In areas where terraced houses are more common, the Mansard Loft Conversion does wonders. Even though permission is required from your local planning office beforehand, it is certainly all worth it considering the extensive expansion of room space you will acquire.


  • High flat roof provides for a spacious, open feel
  • The walls are raised vertically increasing head space
  • Adds an immense amount of space

Hip to Gable

Although prior permission is needed, this type of loft conversion is ideal for lofts with slanted walls and roofs. It is perfect for houses with small lofts that hamper versatility which is essential for detached, row or linked houses.


  • Allows for a neat, clean finish
  • Utilizes the house’s available features
  • Roof is enlarged outwards and vertical

Roof Terrace Conversion

Adding a terrace to your loft not only looks amazing, it literally converts your loft into an upscale penthouse. You can add almost anything to the newly available space. A Jacuzzi, outdoor furniture, custom-made garden and a BBQ area are just some of the ideas.


  • Large amounts of space, both inside and outside your room.
  • An array of designer accessories can be added to the terrace
  • Magnificent view from above

As you can see, there are no limitations as to the wide range of options available to convert your loft into a magnificent additional room. Instead of continually making costly changes to your house, which ultimately have no effect on its value, start directing your energy towards the transformation of your loft. Remember, loft conversion is inexpensive and profitable, but it also a wise decision that will have a very positive impact on the financing of your next home. That’s the secret. Converting your loft allows you to jointly save, and make money, and why not? Both you and the new occupants of your home will be satisfied at the end of the day and that is most definitely a good thing. Happy converting everyone!