Since it is very sensitive to temperature and light intensity, she rarely goes out. we want her room offers the beauty of the outdoors, so she can enjoy the flowers, butterflies, grass. we wonder how his room inside a park. She has little furniture, but some medical devices that we would like to see fade into the background. we do not have the exact dimensions of the room that is large enough, because we do not emmenageons before June 30 However, we wish we could paint before entering the furniture. The plan submitted is approximate. Thank you for your suggestions. ”

My proposals for your project are:

A headboard original

Use your imagination and transport you into the world of your child. You could design a custom headboard, original and personalized. As is the element that we see first, it must be original and impressive so that the theme comes out well. we suggest installing the carpet grass in width behind the bed to the ceiling for a dramatic and warm. The sweetness of this product will be pleasing to the touch and very comfortable. Moreover, as it is made of plastic, it is anti allergenic and easy maintenance.


Madness stickers

If your budget is not enough, you can create the headboard with a sticker available in specialty shops that will look the same, but with less texture. The advantage of this product, that is that it installs easily and provides a beautiful madness as your inspiration. In addition, it will be easy to take off when you change of scenery. There are different choices available in the market.

Dress the bed

The dressing of the bed you will add a touch of magic to confirm the setting and theme. So, go ahead with full-color floral. The pink color is a great demand among young girls. If you choose a white background for the duvet cover, other accessories will be easier to arrange. You may also choose colored leaves on a white background for a very bright atmosphere.

The coloring

The color scheme is important for the decor is bright and alive. I suggest you encourage pure colors. Caution! Colors can be altered by the photo.

Terms of color

For the ceiling, I suggest a pale blue to recall a blue summer sky. For the wall behind the bed, I’d suggest a fuchsia around the headboard. For all other walls, a lime green color very close to the flowers on the dressing of the bed make the room very bright. Inside the wardrobe is white and the woodwork, baseboards, doors and frames.

Decorative accessories

Accessories are essential to give life to the room. Here are some ideas:

# A wall sconce to add a whimsical touch.
# A cushion very, very special for a magical atmosphere on the bed.
# Some decorative boxes on shelves white wall for a touch of blue to brighten the whole.
# Touches of flowers on the corners of the walls by grouping like in this photo.
# A mirror on the wall above the office to add movement.