Do you know how to take advantage of your outdoor space? Your yard is perhaps your greatest room in the house. It is a piece perfect for relaxing, eating, gardening and family fun. If this part is not arranged according to your needs, you do not enjoy to the fullest.

We say part because the court has become, over the years, more and more refined. Indeed, outdoor furniture is now just as comfortable as home furnishings. The sets of dining outside are now available in an endless choice of materials and styles. Look for lovers of contemporary modern furniture ultra classic for those who enjoy the elegance and the romantic, nothing better than relaxing furnishings that recall the campaign. There really is something for everyone. What is interesting is that we can continue outside the same guideline in style in the home. The court is now considered an “extension” of the house, but open.

Allow yourself to dream:

A spa

Close your eyes! Apart from the traditional pool, what looks like the yard of your dreams? In an oasis of peace, a resort spa? Or a giant game room, a trendy lounge for entertaining friends, a place to watch the flames in the evening, a peaceful place for gardening, reading, cooking, painting, showering and even work? All these answers are correct! Why not? For many, this dream place inspired meal. Of course, we immediately imagine two chairs beside a pool, but there is much more than that! I think a rest and read under a nice gazebo or even on a balcony. A corner that isolates us, out of sight of neighbors. This peaceful spot could also be designed around a spa, a fall or a pool of water. The sound of the calm water for relaxation.


Everything could turn into a serene place that has nothing to envy to a seaside resort. You could integrate with the decor and comfortable chairs, a small side table to place an object, a storage cabinet or shelf to lay a pile of towels, a home to stretch our hours of rest until the evening We think also hooks for bathrobes. Imagine a spa at home to relax every day!

Outdoor living room

You could transform your patio outdoor lounge. There are currently on the market a range of loveseats, sofas and occasional tables of various styles, weather-resistant. Why not think outside the box you in creating an outdoor living room with oriental-looking? Large seat cushions filled, sporting a sleek and Zen to receive and discuss.

A dining room and an outdoor kitchen

If your pleasure is cooking, entertaining and eating out, then the dining room and outdoor kitchen are for you. Strong trend now, the pleasure of eating out has gone very far: the kitchen fully equipped with mini fridge and sink, to the bar with stools.

In a beautiful garden

You love nature and gardening? So, get started in creating a garden style. Ever dreamed of an English garden or French? It is now time to take action. Imagine the joy of reading in your dream garden, and this, in your backyard! Do you know the urban garden? This is a new garden for those who love the pure, straight lines. A nice continuation of your style, whether contemporary and modern appeal to you.

It is possible!

All these ideas are easily achieved at home. Remember that the starting point to design your yard, it’s your dream. Even if it seems unattainable, your dream is your inspiration and it can be realized in whole or in part. I invite you to extend your house and make this outdoor room, your favorite, whether it be a balcony, terrace or courtyard.