We answer Ginette who would like to know how to go about installing the wallpaper on the ceiling:

“How should I go about putting a wallpaper on the ceiling? Is there a trick to follow in order not to waste my tapestry that is quite expensive. I thought we could refer to a past issue, because my mother told me that thou hast spoken, but I can not find. That would make me a great service. I love your show, it puts a lot of sunshine in my life, I am passionate about decoration. Big hugs to you and to France and Brigitte! ”

Hello Ginette,

We actually installed at one of our shows, wallpaper on the ceiling. The ideal is to prepare the ground for wallpaper is sure to make the joints between the foreshore. Once the 2 or 3 strips are cut and ready to install, you must draw a line from the ceiling by measuring from the edge of the wall the same distance from one end to another. Applying glue to the ceiling using a roller or brush and the first strip is installed along the line drawn. we suggest you just cover the line you have drawn for it to disappear completely once the work is completed.


Then it is easy to follow the patterns of wallpaper since bands have already been cut. Once it is glued, you can install a small trim molding around the wallpaper. If we do not do the entire ceiling, as I did on the issue, or if you decide to put the wallpaper on the entire surface of the ceiling, we suggest you have left a little longer each end and then cut the excess with a utility knife. Basically, this is the same technique as when installing the wallpaper on the wall. The work is just in a different light.