Install an automatic door in the garage is a fairly simple task, but it is constantly best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Before installation, make sure that the door is well lubricated and functioning properly. The weightiness of an automatic door is supported by springs, cables and pulleys, that if they are in good condition does not allow you to open the door properly. Do not alter, or remove the door springs (or pulleys). The doors with torsion springs (a single coil above the door) can be installed only by qualified technicians. To follow in the steps of the guide you will ascertain all the necessary info on how to put in an automatic door in the service department.


Remove all ropes or cables connected to the door, so as to not create a hindrance during installation. Disabled, or removed the door locks before (if present) to avoid damaging the open-air and to prevent possible personal injury. Do not wear rings, watches or loose clothing while installing. To prevent damage to the door, make sure the reversing system security functions correctly. Install the power supply unit to at least 17.5 cm from the floor. The opening of the door presents a manual disconnect cable, which must be adjusted to approximately 15 cm from the floor to be reached only by an adult.

Identify the center point of the door and fixed in the upper part of the bracket to the header, using screws. Connect the clutch unit to the bracket with the power supply unit. Mount the power supply unit together with the angle steel belts and mounting hardware. If the ceiling joists are parallel to the door, should be secured directly to the power unit. Slide the carriage into the slot of the track of the door and locked the straps. Attach the emergency release knob. Insert the arm-door and hold it in place with a pin. Lock the other arm with an axis. Overlap the arms of the door and coelenterate with two bolts.

If you need to install a permanent electrical wiring, always disconnect the power from the main breaker box before proceeding. Connect the power cord to an outlet with a grounded to prevent electric shock. Install the remote control to open the door at 12.5 cm from the floor, so the children cannot reach it. Adjust the safety reversal system and the system of the electrical sensor in the right way, always referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After installation, do not let children use or play with the opener. Keep the transmitter in a safe place and do not ever pass under the door in motion. Operate the door only when it is visible and free of obstacles. Check the safety reversing system and the electrical sensor at least once a month (only adjust them if necessary). Periodically inspect the manual operation of the door. Never use the door if the security system does not work perfectly.