The Garden Lighting not only enhances the highlights of the garden after sunset, but makes it more secure your home and increases its economic value. It is also quite versatile, and you can use it to illuminate outdoor activities, romantic dinners or large parties. In this tutorial, I will show you how to properly install garden lighting to avoid any problem.

Bring the power line in the garden. Before carrying out any work, you must disconnect the circuit breaker and check with a multimeter that there is no longer current. Your external electrical system is powered from the general framework of distribution. Install a 30 A circuit breaker upstream of the new circuit. From that point, according to your needs, create one or more power lines, each protected by a 10 A circuit breaker for lighting lines, and 16 A for lines that supply power outlets.


To avoid damage, electrical cables must be placed in a corrugated pipe and buried at least 50 inches deep. The depth should be increased to 85 cm in areas accessible to vehicles. Having established the position of the lamps, made excavation. Spread a bed of sand 15 cm, positioned above the corrugated tube and then cover with a layer of 10 cm of sand. At the point where you put the lamppost, make up the corrugated tube above the ground surface. If you use the same power line for food, for example, 2 or 3 spotlights underground or sockets, leave 30 cm of abundance above the ground level, and restart the line to the next point for a further parallel connection.

Lay a spotlight basement. In general, the recessed is inserted into a cylindrical structure that needs to be removed for installation. This cylinder must rest on a layer of gravel, which ensures the drainage of rainwater. Place the bottom of the cylinder on a layer of mortar in the shape of a ring, and found that is level with respect to ground. The mortar should not cover the central part of the cylinder, so as to allow free drainage. Now stuck on his head and then the ring seal to secure the cable, and skinned the end of the 3 wires. Plug the cable into the spotlight and connected the wires to the terminals. Ensure the seal by tightening the cable clamp, and then lay the spotlight inside its housing. If you decide to sow grass on the edge of the spotlight, put earth mixed with a little compost.