We show you systematically how to install a PVC wall covering. A simple and easy work done with which in addition to changing the decoration we will also isolate the walls. To reform and rehabilitate a wall by completely changing its appearance it is not necessary to perform cumbersome works with noise and dust at home.

PVC Wall Cladding

We will see step by step how to place some decorative plastic tiles and insulation. In a very short time and with little effort the transformation is total and spectacular. Before performing the wall cladding we will use it to modify if it suits us well, the distribution of points of light of the wall.

Once this work is done we will start with the coating that consists of attaching some profiles to the wall and from them to fit the pieces together and if necessary cutting them to fit the size of our wall. At the point of light, we mark it on the corresponding sheet. We make the hole through which we will extract the cables for the electrical connection with the drill and a blade drill.

Next, we are going to finish the work by fixing the finish profile covers with a hammer and a wooden block. Thanks to the wooden block, we will avoid damaging the profile. In this simple way, we have achieved an easy to place wall covering which in addition to giving a more modern look to the kitchen will also help to insulate the walls.