Spend much money for Christmas decorations is not necessary: ​​Make your winter decorations need yourself what and how, read here.

Christmas in November has already begun at least if you then look around in our stores and supermarkets. Everywhere you meet the end of October, sometimes even earlier, on Christmas baubles, gingerbread hearts, baking utensils and evocative decoration for the celebration of love. The prices of decorative items are often greatly exaggerated and may break into many wallets a deep hole. This can save you but in the truest sense of the word by using your Christmas decorations easily even tinker.

Christmas decorations make itself quickly

Particularly popular here are natural materials to the delight of the budget. Because pine cones, twigs, leaves, bark and fruits can be found partly in front of your own house, but at least in the nearest forest or park yet, you can search for craft materials combine with a beautiful autumn or winter walk. Another advantage of course that each piece is absolutely unique and the craft can be an adventure for the whole family.


Establishing charming decoration for the festival’s fast and easy. Set as images of twigs, dried oranges and leaves on a piece of cardboard you can attach the materials there with hot glue and then decorate with for example gold or silver spray. A little glitter is way too effective accents. And once you have a sparkling table decorations or even an adorable picture window. For the latter, you need to stand out only in the upper corners of the image through a hole and pull a cord. And if it is a small string of lights, you have even a nice Christmas lights. Incidentally, pine cones or pieces of bark that are sprayed with gold or even make snow spray, as eye-catcher in a bowl or a basket a good figure.

Baubles beautify themselves

In keeping with the still popular country style you can also use fabrics at best, checkered work. Tie bows around tree branches or cinnamon sticks and decorate it the Christmas tree or Advent wreath. Even the embellishments of the Christmas candle arrangements styled natural materials are excellent. It takes a little more time can also walnuts white glaze or straw Stars tinkering both as decoration perfected the country style in a very noble and impressive manner.

Even your old baubles, you can make each year. For the country-style it is enough red or white balls to paint with a lacquer pen or other permanent marker suitable Checks are drawn very quickly, and also strips fit well with rural design. Of course, you can beautify the balls and otherwise, because here you have to spray with gold or snow spray. Or stick to additional beads, glitter or stars with this simple method your Christmas tree looks different and you can quickly distribute a new spell in the whole house.